Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QCC connection?

The QCC (Quick Closing Coupling) system has features built in to the valve and regulator assembly to ensure that it is safe. It can be connected and disconnected by hand and no spanner is required. QCC is approved for use indoors, whereas a POL connection is not.

QCC is commonly used in patio heaters, barbecues, indoor cabinet heaters and on some portable barbecues in conjunction with 9kg, 12kg and 14kg gas cylinders.

QCC connection

image courtesy of epa.govt.nz

What is a POL connection?

POL or Prest-O-Lite is an internal, left hand thread connection type that is used in the same valve as QCC as well as on its own.

It was widely used before QCC was developed. Cylinders with POL only valves can still be purchased, however please note that POL is not approved for use indoors.

POL is commonly used on some appliances such as patio heaters and barbecues. It is mainly used on industrial and domestic high pressure set ups in conjunction with 15kg, 18kg and 45kg gas cylinders.

POL connection

image courtesy of epa.govt.nz

Do you accept all gas cylinders?

At Metro Gas we do ask that the gas cylinder you provide us for exchange meets our standard requirements, which are as follows:

  • The cylinder must be in ‘test’, see below if you are unsure what this means.
  • The bottle must have a foot ring and protective valve collar/handle.
  • It must have a normal QCC or POL valve installed.  We do not accept cylinders with Primus valves.
  • We do not exchange cylinders with excessive dents, gouges, rust or other damage.

How do I check if my gas cylinder is in test?

You can check the last inspection date which should be clearly stamped on the collar, neck or footing of the gas cylinder, for example ‘11 / 01’ would indicate it was inspected in Jan 2011.

In New Zealand LPG cylinders are required by law to be certified by an authorized LPG testing facility once every ten years.

After the 10 year period has elapsed, the cylinder will need to be re-certified against the current standard.

If you are already using one of our branded Metro Gas cylinders you do not need to check.

What if my old gas bottle does not meet your requirements?

  • If your gas bottle is ‘out of test’ or in poor condition we can take it away and provide you with a completely new full LPG gas cylinder, please see our new bottle prices here.
  • If you have a non-standard connection and would like to have this changed over to a QCC connection we can arrange to have a gas fitter/plumber contact you to arrange this, simply email us and let us know.

How do I know your LPG cylinders are safe?

Every Metro Gas LPG cylinder is safety and leak tested every time it is filled. All gas cylinders close to reaching the 10 year expiry date are automatically retested. Metro Gas is owned and operated by HeatZone Ltd who have over 16 year’s experience supplying LPG cylinders of all sizes in New Zealand.

Who owns the cylinder?

Upon payment and delivery, the empty cylinder you provide belongs to Metro Gas and the full cylinder we provide belongs to you.

Be advised our 45kg cylinders are not customer owned, we only fill and exchange our Metro Gas Cylinders. All 45kg cylinders attract a cylinder rental.  Please see cylinder rental tab on top menu.

What time will my LPG be delivered?

Metro Gas drivers start early so please have your cylinder ready for exchange before 7am on your nominated delivery day.

Do I need to be home?

No. You do not need to be home as long as we have easy access to your empty cylinder. Please ensure you provide us with clear instructions on where to find it. It is important to ensure the cylinder is in an accessible and secure location. However, if the area is locked or guarded by dogs, we will request access on a day suitable to you and our delivery team.

Can I schedule a time for my delivery?

No. To ensure the most efficient service we do not book appointments or fixed delivery times.

Doh! I forgot to leave my cylinder out for exchange!

Not to worry. If you are able to contact us before our Metro Gas driver calls at your address, we can simply reschedule for the next delivery day in your area.

If you completely forget and our driver visits your property but is unable to complete the gas bottle swap we will need to reschedule for the next available delivery day and there will be charge a fee of $8.00 for the second delivery.

Will you connect the cylinders to my appliance?

Sorry, we do not connect or disconnect 9kg, 12kg, 14kg and 18kg LPG cylinders.  If you are unsure how to do this we can provide you with detailed instructions.

We do connect and disconnect 45 kg gas cylinders for certified Metro Gas residential and commercial customers.

Please also take a moment to review our Safe Handling instructions.