Gas Cylinders

18 kg LPG Cylinder

Designed for larger portable appliances and commercial cooking

Each refill has been tested, inspected and safely refilled each time you receive it.

  • Pol Valve with Overfill Prevention Device
  • Capacity – 34.6 Litres
  • Dimensions - 315mm Wide x 760mm High

Gas Fitting Certificate

Before getting connected, the installation of your appliances and the gas plumbing must be certified by a gasfitter registered and approved by the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.

If you have recently moved into a home that already has LPG, all of this would have previously been done and you should ask the landlord or previous owner for the Gas Fitting Certificate or obtain a copy from Energy Safety Click Here

If your equipment is not certified we cannot provide you LPG. If you would like assistance to have your installation certified or any questions please contact us.

At Metro Gas we do ask that the gas cylinder you provide us for exchange meets our standard requirements, which are as follows:

The cylinder must be in ‘test’, see below if you are unsure what this means. The bottle must have a foot ring and protective valve collar/handle. It must have a normal QCC or POL valve installed. We do not accept cylinders with Primus valves. We do not exchange cylinders with excessive dents, gouges, rust or other damage.

Item Price