Gas Cylinders

45 kg LPG Cylinder (Hire Fee Applies)

Each refill has been tested, inspected and safely refilled each time you receive it.

  • Pol Valve with Overfill Prevention Device
  • Capacity – 86.5 Litres
  • Dimensions - 370mm Wide x 1275 mm High

Note: All 45kg Gas Cylinders will incur Annual Cylinder Rental Fee of $64.40 per Cylinder.  (Twin Cylinder Rental $128.80). Shorter term Monthly Cylinder Rentals are charged at a Fee of $5.75 per cylinder per month.   (prices include GST)


Click Here for Cylinder Hire Options. If you do not select your preferred cylinder hire with your first delivery you will be set up on annual hire.

Gas Fitting Certificate

Before getting connected, the installation of your appliances and the gas plumbing must be certified by a gasfitter registered and approved by the Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board.

All cylinders are to be installed turned on.

At Metro Gas our standard procedure for all drivers is to safely install and connect the cylinder, it is then turned on and spray checked for leaks. This will mean the cylinder will remain turned on.

Most systems are installed with an automatic changeover valve, designed for you to have a continuous supply of LPG to the cooking, hot water, or heating supply in your home. With both cylinders installed turned on, your system will use one cylinder at a time. The automatic changeover indicator changes colour from green/clear to red when one cylinder is empty. When this happens, your system will automatically start drawing gas from the other full cylinder. Do not touch or turn the indicator. This is when most people reorder to ensure they don’t run the risk of using both cylinders completely.

Should you decide to turn your cylinder off yourself after delivery this can be done by turning the valve tap anti-clockwise.



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